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Out of France online payments are automatically done VAT free. Therefore we accept only professional buyers.



The placing of a firm order, which is subsequently accepted by our Company, implies the buyer’s full acceptance of these terms of sale and delivery, which constitute a legally binding agreement between the parties. In the event of conflict, our terms shall take precedence over any contradictory clauses and stipulations printed on the orders or correspondence from buyers. Any modifications to the initial contract or any supplementary agreement shall only be valid if concluded in writing.

Prices and method of invoicing

Our prices are quoted in euro, excluding tax. Inside European Union, shipment cost are 40 Euros. Outside European Union, real shipment cost are charged for every orders. Delivery times are provided for information only and we shall endeavour to comply with these times wherever possible. Under no circumstances shall a delivery delay constitute sufficient grounds for cancellation of an order by the buyer or give rise to a claim for damages. We shall be released from all obligations in the event of an act of God or force majeure which prevents either manufacture or dispatch or importation into European Union. Force majeure shall be deemed to refer to any event beyond our control which could not reasonably have been overcome or avoided and as a result of which the execution of an order is delayed or prevented.

Shipments – transfer of risk

Our goods and their packaging shall be shipped at the risk of the buyer, even in the case of goods delivered carriage paid. We disclaim all responsibility for any deterioration occurring during the course of transport. In the event of any damage, of whatever nature, it shall be up to the recipient to notify the carrier who made the delivery, by registered letter and within three days of receipt of the goods, of the loss and damage noted on arrival of the goods, in accordance with the provisions of Article 100 of the French Commercial Code, and generally to file all claims with the carrier.

Missing items

Our goods and materials shall be deemed received and accepted by the buyer ex works or ex warehouse. We recommend that buyers carefully inspect the contents of boxes. No part of the packaging (fibres, paper, padding) should be disposed of until the buyer has ensured that there is nothing contained within. Boxes may also have a double bottom to hold heavy objects, for increased security. If, following the inspection, an item is found to be missing, we must be notified in writing. No complaints regarding the content of boxes shall be accepted beyond eight days after receipt.

Returned goods

No goods may be returned without our prior approval in writing. Goods must be returned in their original packaging to our head office at 3, quai de la Floride, 64700 Hendaye, France.


A claim for defects shall not release the buyer from the obligation to pay the amount owing. Complaints regarding defects cannot be considered unless they are made in writing immediately or otherwise no later than two weeks after the arrival of the goods, stating the date of delivery, the names and catalogue references of the product, and the control number printed on each of our packages. We disclaim all responsibility in the event that goods are unsuitable or have been used improperly, or if damage is the result of inappropriate handling or storage. No returns shall be accepted without our prior approval. Our warranty shall be limited to free replacement of goods found to be defective or unusable as a result of a fault in the material or manufacture. We reserve the right to refund the price of such goods rather than issue a replacement if we are unable to execute delivery. All other claims such as damages, discounts or cancellation are excluded, whatever the legal reason. Our products are intended for research, control and analysis laboratories. They have not been subjected to pharmacodynamic or toxicological testing. The buyer bears sole responsibility for their use in medicine or in the food industry.

Retention of ownership

It is expressly agreed that the goods shall remain the property of our Company until such time as payment of the amount owing has been received in full. Ownership shall be transferred to the buyer only once the full price has been paid. In the event of default of payment and eight days after service of an unsuccessful formal demand, the sale shall be cancelled as of right and our Company shall be entitled to take back the goods, which the buyer shall be obliged to return at the first request. In the event that the buyer does not return the goods immediately, a court order shall be issued by the Presiding Judge of the Commercial Court of Strasbourg, which is assigned jurisdiction to enforce the return of the goods.


Unless otherwise specified, all orders are payable at the time of ordering. Any breach of its obligations will result in immediate cancellation of the special conditions of the customer. Non-payment of invoice will result from the day after the deadline, the application of interest at the rate of 20% per year, with a minimum of 50 €. Any prepayment will result in no discount.

Penalty clause

By express agreement and in the absence of an extension requested in good time and approved by us, default of payment on the due date for goods we have supplied shall result in: 1. All outstanding amounts falling due immediately, whatever the intended method of payment (by accepted bill of exchange or otherwise). 2. A demand for compensation, by way of damages and penalty, equal to 15% of the amount due, in addition to legal interest and any further costs.


Unless otherwise agreed, the warranty period for our equipment is twelve months from the date of delivery. During the warranty period parts found defective by our technical department will be replaced or repaired free of charge and only charges or return service technician's travel costs will be borne by the purchaser. The warranty does not apply in the following cases: replacement of worn parts, breakage, deterioration due to usage, failures that originate from external causes (shocks, power surges, condensation, frost, flooding, overheating, transmission, use other than normal conditions of employment, ...). In all cases the warranty is limited to replacement or repair of defective parts, it can in no circumstances give rise to damages.


The Courts of Pau (France) shall have sole competence to rule on any disputes arising from this contract or amendments hereto. This assignment of competence shall also apply in the case of multiple defendants and for any claims, including ancillary claims, and in cases of forced intervention or a claim under warranty.





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